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Functional Massage Therapy
For Chronic Pain

End chronic pain and disfunction with this proven method!

Functional Massage Therapist

Myofascial Release ~ Integrative Alignment ~ Neuromuscular Therapy

When You Move Better ~ You Feel Better

Hi, my name is Paul Cramer RMT ~ I’m a Registered Massage Therapist, Functional Movement Massage Therapist and Mobility Educator with over 22 years of experience helping clients resolve painful conditions, move better, and feel better in their bodies.

Functional Movement Massage Therapy:  What if you could combine assisted stretching, myofascial release, trigger point acupressure, and joint mobilizations all in one treatment? The good news is -you can…this is Functional Movement Massage with Paul.

Client Education & Self-Care: Combining treatment with education is one of the foundations of my practice. More and more, clients have expressed the need for “accessible and reliable” information about their condition and what they can do on their own to make lasting changes. I strive to deliver that in my practice!

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About Functional Movement Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy to restore and recover optimum mobility!

Now this is a little different! Where is the table?

Functional Movement Massage is a dynamic form of massage therapy that combines myofascial release and stretching, acupressure trigger point therapy with postural alignment, and joint mobility.

Treating injury and conditions with stretching and moving through the joint’s range of motion helps gain a better understanding of any restrictions that might be preventing full recovery.

Because of the nature of this modality, we need a little more room. Clients wear loose fitting clothes similar to what you’d wear to do yoga or work out. And yes, it is still a massage!

No mess, no fuss, no oils. Just treatment that gets to the root of the problem.

Client feedback -“Why didn’t I try this sooner?” “Where did you get this mat? It’s so comfortable -I want one for my home. “

Why try Functional Movement Massage Therapy? 

My fascination with the human body’s incredible ability to heal and adapt sparked the birth of Functional Movement Massage. Over the years, I have witnessed the transformative impact of aligning massage therapy with functional movement principles. This unique approach allows me to address not only the immediate physical discomfort but also the underlying movement and mobility issues that often go unnoticed. Through Integrative Movement, I’ve had the privilege of helping countless individuals regain their vitality, find relief from chronic pain, and rediscover the joy of fluid, pain-free movement.

Individualized Treatment Plan: Treatment begins with a client centred approach that recognizes your specific needs and requirements. One size does not fit all. Even from one session to the next, it will not be the same. 

Healthy~Fit~Well Circle: There is a strong connection between health, fitness, and wellness. When our health is affected, it reduces our capacity for active living and fitness. Current research shows just how important active living is for, not only our mental health and well-being, but also how we interact with the world around us. The goal of treatment is to restore healthy alignment, posture, and movement mechanics. When everything moves well, the body can heal and take care of itself.

Bridging the Gap for a client empowered plan: I leave the “jargon” at the door. So often clients come to me with part of the picture -A priority is placed on supporting clients to participate in their treatment program. 

Treat the Source: I have been working with clients for over 22 years and have found that we have the most success when we take the time to properly assess and identify 3 main factors: The Issue ~ The Cause ~ The Challenge

Myofascial Stretching

Sometimes, we just need to be stretched and to work out the myofascial adhesions. Functional Massage Therapy incorporates myofascial stretching.

Trigger Point Therapy

You know those tender spots in your muscles and fascia -often referred to as knots. When we have active trigger points, they can limit muscle capacity and function.

Joint Mobilization

When our joints don't move easily, they create stress and strain on the rest of the body that needs to adapt to help out. Joint mobilizations act to return joints to easy painfree mobility

Myofascial Release

Using massage techniques that address both the muscles and the fascia act as an effective treatment method to resolve painful areas in the body that limit how well you can move and be active.

Treatments are covered by most Extended Health Care Providers:

Sunlife – Lumino Health, BlueCross, ARTA, ASEBP, Canada Life, Greenshield, and more. If you are unsure, please either contact myself or your insurance provider for confirmation.

Working Together

 Using a collaborative approach, I work with clients who are either dealing with painful and limiting conditions or those who are simply trying to live a more active lifestyle free from pain or restrictions. Sometimes we need a little help to meet our health goals. Together, we form a plan to bridge the gap between your current state and where you'd like to be. Health, fitness, and wellness is a team effort that at times requires the expertise of our medical system, health care professionals, fitness coaches and most importantly -recognizing the value of healthy self-care.

Self-Powered Health: We then combine treatment with education and “at home” programs and use a collaborative approach to ensure the results are long lasting.  We can’t change what we don’t know.

Living Ergonomics: More than just how you sit at work… I like to extend ergonomics to include how we use our body to interact with the world around us. Developing an awareness of our living ergonomics is very important in making lasting changes. Many times, challenges to overcoming conditions are connected to our patterns or habits of functional mobility, posture and alignment, as well as new and pre-existing injuries.  

In other words -our bodies are just not moving as well as they could. -It is these factors that are causal or at least contribute to loss of mobility, joint pain, myofascial tension or pain, and protective compensation patterns. The good news is that these are not etched in stone -but respond well to new learning. And that’s where I come .


A dynamic form of massage therapy that combines stretching, myofascial release, acupressure trigger point treatment, and joint mobilizations

Absolutely! Paul is a Registered Massage Therapist so these treatments are covered.

Yes! The focus of this modality is to treat joint mobility and pain to recover full joint movement.

Generally no. Because we are working with the resolving compensatory patterns, we try to stay below any treatments that will cause the body to go into a "protect" pattern.

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